Tourists in Amsterdam annoyed by huge amounts of locals in surprising Speld commercial for Amsterdenim.
They are walking in your way, they gather around all the hotspots and they live: Amsterdam locals. They are most troublesome for tourists who love to stroll around in the city. The new branded Speld commercial for the Amsterdam jeans brand Amsterdenim gives a surprising view on the interaction between tourists and locals.
In the 1.5 minute video tourists discuss the problems with locals. Their frustration grows, but so does the viewer’s sympathy for the locals. Of course, Amsterdenim plays a big role in that. In the words of tourist Julia: “Look at them being all perfect, wearing their own Amsterdam jeans like they own the place.”
Amsterdenim CEO Ewout Key Rameijer approached De Speld because of the branded video the satirical platform made for beer brand Oedipus: “That video proved that De Speld can reach a big amount of millennials in a very natural, yet unique way. The result of our collaboration confirms that humorous content can mean a lot for our target audience. For us it is important that the fashion-conscious man will see Amsterdenim as the exponent of the relaxed Amsterdam mentality. If you wear Amsterdenim, you wear a piece of Amsterdam. That message is clear in this video.”
Daan Unger, sales manager at De Speld & Partners, was enthusiastic from the start: “Making the video was a natural process. The problem with tourists is a typical theme for De Speld. It is a societal issue that people in Amsterdam and the other big Dutch cities are interested in. It was a nice challenge for us to present the annoyances in a keen-witted video for Amsterdenim, while introducing the Amsterdam local as the hero. I am glad we succeeded.”
Creditlist Amsterdenim Crew Director - Michiel Peereboom Writers - Jochem van den Berg, Jaap van de Venis, Michiel Peereboom Production Company - Sjatzie Productions Producer - Stefanie van Vonderen D.O.P. - Goof de Koning 1st A.C. - Laurens Orth Sound recordist - Willem de Wijs Styling - Ozgur Polat Production assistent - Emely Jens Production assistent - Lieke Dom Editor - Michiel Peereboom Sound post - Philip Klees Design - Casper Steenbergen De Speld - Jochem van den Berg De Speld & Partners - Daan Unger, Jerome Kuijken Amsterdenim - Ewout Key Rameijer, Ozgur Polat Cast Castingbureau - IN-casting John - George Smart Julia - Joana Vinogradoff
David - Harry Alexander Boer Lizzy - Nicole Moerland Models Bauke Bakker Nicky Libert (Elite Model) Dank aan Lara Kostic - IN-casting, Samuel Dobrowolski - Elite Model, Amsterdam Electric Tours, Gemeente Amsterdam, Berend Holtkamp, Emma van den Berg.

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